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Welcome To The Dark Side! Part 1

And  I  can't  eat  the  damn  cookies  because  I  have  a  peanut  allergy.

So,  what  is  the  latest  way  to  brainwash  the  masses?  It's  scaring  convincing  teens  to  become  pro-life  with  Communist  anti-choice  propaganda.  Here  is  the  website.  My  project  is  to  break down  every  part  of  the  website  for  what  it  is:  misogynistic  lies.  I  don't  know  how  long  this  project  will  take,  but  it  will  be  long  and  approved  by  the  pro-choice  movement  (and  filled  with  funny pictures  and  GIFS).  Let's  begin.
On  the  website,  you  instantly  see  a  catchy  to  the  eye  background  with  pictures,  videos,  large  text,  cool  graphics,  and  Christian  bands  (they  sure  don't  hide  their  light  o'  Jesus,  do  they?).  They  want  to  appeal  to  teens  like  toys  do  to  kids  so  they'll  buy  Happy  Meals  so  they  know  they  aren't  a  bunch  of  boring  old  men  in  suits  (even  though  they  probably  are).  You  even  see  buttons  for  advice  for  pregnant  teenagers  and  advice  on  relationships.  Let's  explore  the  homepage.
They  have  hot  topics  on  stuff  like  abortion,  peer  pressure,  and  post  abortion  syndrome.  They  have  a  thing  where  teenagers  can  take  a  stand,  with  ways  such  as  inviting  friends,  starting  a  pro-life  group  for  teens,  writing  a  paper  (Gloria  Steinem  marches  for  women's  rights  and  they  fucking  write  a  paper?),  preparing  for  a  debate  (which  I  will  beat  them  at),  small  things.  Seriously,  that  may  help  in  some  cases,  but  what  are  they  basing  it  off  of?  If  you  said  ye  olde  religious  book  of  Jezus,  you  are  correct!  Also,  I  plan  on  marching  for  reproductive  rights.  Yes,  getting  out  in  possibly  bad  weather,  carrying  a  sign,  marching  for  women.  I  may  be  harassed,  I  may  get  rained  on,  but  I  will  show  I  am  pro-choice!  If  I  write  a  paper,  I  will  send  it  to  as  many  people  as  I  can;  I  will  make  it  as  best  as  I  can;  I  will  get  it  published!  I  will  not  just  write  a  stupid  paper,  I  will  write  a  fucking  bestselling  book!  You  give  me  your  anti-choice  inch  and  I  will  go  a  fucking  pro-choice  mile.  I  will  overshadow  the  pro-life  and  stop  at  nothing  to  be  at  the  top,  informing  everyone  that  women  are  people!  I  may  be  a  teenager,  but  it's  my  life  and  it  always  be  only  my  choice!  I  will  not  have  a  bunch  of  religious  whackos  telling  me  what   the  hell  I  can  do  with  my  body!  I  will  not  fall  for  this  garbage!
The  be  informed  stuff  gives  teenagers  scare  stories  facts  on  teenage  pregnancy!  It's  comedy  gold!
You'll  see  the  rest,  but  let's  explore  a  little  more  deeply.  Why  don't  we  go  from  top  to  bottom?
Our  first  contestant  is  Hot  Topics:  Abortion.

What is abortion?
The term “abortion” refers to any premature expulsion of a human fetus, whether naturally spontaneous, as in a miscarriage, or artificially induced, as in a surgical or chemical abortion. Today, the most common usage of the term “abortion” applies to artificially induced abortion which, sadly, has become the most common form of abortion. In other words, abortion is primarily the result of a mother (and father) deciding to terminate a pregnancy by killing their unborn baby.

Actually,  people  do  also  refer  to  animal  miscarriages  as  abortions.  Not  everyone,  but  some  people.  So  don't  be  all  "human"  with  me.
So  everything  was  great  when  most  abortions  were  miscarriages?
Not  all  fathers  have  or  even  bother  giving  a  say  in  the  abortion.  It's  great  if  the  mother  is  fine  with  getting  an  abortion,  it's  great  when  the  father  understands  why  she  is  getting  an  abortion.
The  word  "baby"  is  not  a  scientific  term,  it  is  either  a  noun  or  adjective.  We  say  "fetus"  because  that's  what  it  is,  a  fetus.  A  baby  is  born,  while  a  fetus  is  sitting  around  in  a  uterus.  Stop  using  emotionally  blackmailing  words  to  convince  people  to  become  pro-life.  I'm  serious.

A cause for sadness and shame.
The killing of unborn babies is a crime against humanity and a great shame for our world. In the United States, more than 1.3 million unborn babies are killed in abortions each year. Approximately 50 million babies have been killed since abortion was legalized in 1973.

I'm  going  to  rephrase  this  in  two  different  ways.
"A  Cause  for  Sadness  and  Shame"  by  Katherine  The  Liberal  Blogger  Person
The killing of infants is a crime against humanity and a great shame for our world. In the United States,  many  infants  are  murdered  due  to  infanticide. It  also  happens  globally,  leaving  many  infants  without  life.

Draft  2  of  "A  Cause  For  Sadness  and  Shame"  by  Katherine  The  Liberal  Blogger  Person
Denying  women  the  right  to  choose  what  they  do  with  their  bodies  is  a  crime  against  humanity  and  a  great  shame  for  our  world.  For  years,  anti-choice  groups  have  tried  to  deny  women  as  people  and  make  them  walking  ovaries.  They  value  a  fetus  more  than  a  thinking,  breathing,  living  woman.  They  wish  to control  the  sex  lives  of  people  and  send  us  all  back  to  1950's  America,  not  only  in  the  basic  family  unit,  but  to  our  closets  where  he  keep  our  clothes  hangers.

Infanticide  is  a  crime.  Denying  women  as  people  is  anti-feminist  and  a  crime.  Abortion?  No.
How  many  so  called  "babies"  were  killed  due  to  illegal  abortion?  Are  you  finally  caring  about  these  "babies"  when  women  can  walk  out  of  a  clinic  and  got  on  with  their  life  rather  than  being  "whores"  who  die  because  they  stuck  a  coat  hanger  up  their  vagina?  Because  people  now  realize  women  are  people  you're  suddenly  pissed?  Why  weren't  you  busy  trying  to  kill  Tiller's  dad,  who gave  over  200  abortions  to  women  before  Roe  and  Wade  had  a  fight  on  the  playground?  I  know,  because  back  when  Tiller's  dad  was  doing  his  job,  you  didn't  give  a  flying  fuck.

Likewise Roe v. Wade bestowed upon the unborn the status of being the property of their mothers to do with as they choose, including abortion up to the ninth month of pregnancy.

Yeah,  women  deciding  what  to  do  with  their  bodies  is  awful.  Now  that  women aren't  walking  ovaries  you're  pissed.  Women  aren't  property  anymore,  but  they  sure  as  hell  want  that  to  change.

Abortion affects more than the unborn child.
Abortion impacts the baby’s mother and, in many cases, the baby’s father, grandparents, other family members, and friends. That’s why long-term solutions to abortion must include both full protection for the rights of unborn children to live and full provision of positive alternatives and help for women in unplanned pregnancies. 

You  know  going  through  unplanned pregnancies  can  be  extremely  mentally  damaging  to  women?  You  didn't?  I'm  surprised.  Oh  yeah,  you  were  busy  sticking  your  fingers  in  your  ears  and  singing  "La,  la,  la,  I  can't  hear  you!  I'm  right,  you  are  wrong!  La,  la,  la!"
I'm so  glad  to  be  able  to  teach  you  this!  Now  keep  your  frigging  fingers  out  of  your  ears.

How abortions are done
Abortions are done by a wide variety of methods ranging from high-suction aspiration to methods involving razor-sharp surgical instruments. In the unthinkable partial-birth abortion method, a fully-alive baby is almost completely delivered before surgical scissors are placed in the back of the baby’s skull. As hard as is to believe, unborn children do not even receive an anesthetic before they are a literally dismembered in the womb.
Talking about the ways abortions are done isn’t pleasant. But there’s no getting around the need to know these things to understand the act of abortion in its full context.

That  is  the  most  hilarious  bullshit  I've  read  in  a  long  time.  You  guys  are  even  better  than  Family  Guy!
This  is  the  kind  of  brainwashing  crap  they  use  to  try  to  get  people  to  become  pro-life.  It's  a  load  of  lies.  If  you  see  a  bloody  fetus,  here's  what  that  fetus  really  is:  Photoshopped.  That  bloody  fetus  does  not  exist  and  is  only  a  scare  story.
Partial  birth  abortion  does  not  exist!  How  ignorant  are  you  people?
The  way  you  guys  talk  about  abortion  is  fucking  hilarious.  Did  you  miss  the  Rainbow  Dash  GIF  or  what?
You  think  you  understand  all  about  abortion?  Well  you  don't!  You  only  know  the  "fetuses  are  pweshus  babiez"  side,  so  no,  you  don't  know  abortion  in  its  full  context.  Stop  spreading  lies,  you're  breaking  one  of  the  things  your  religion  says  not  to  do.

Are abortions really performed as late as the last three months of pregnancy?
The unfortunate answer is yes. In fact, late-term abortion is one of the specialties at abortion clinics such as the Women’s Health Care Services abortion clinic in Wichita, Kansas. The Wichita clinic is reportedly the leading provider of late-term abortions in the United States and boasts on its web site that it offers both second and third trimester abortions.
In the latest effort to keep abortion unrestricted up to the moment of birth, abortion supporters have filed suits in federal courts around the country to block the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act signed into law by President Bush in late 2003.

The  one  in Kansas  they  are  referencing  was  Tiller's  clinic.  Here's  what  I  have  to  say  on  him:
And  why  are  second  and  third  trimester  abortions  provided?  For  women's  health.  Now do  these  people  care  about  women's  health?  Think  about  this  for  a  moment.
Done  thinking?  The  answer  is  no.  Actually,  it  isn't.  It's:
"Holy  flying  fuck,  NO!"
You  guys  are  trying  to  support  Bush?  *Snort*
Yes,  women  can  get  abortions  at  the  ninth  month  of  her  pregnancy,  but  the  moment  before  birth?  You  people  need  to  study  abortion  laws  and  maybe  get  checked  in  at  an  insane  asylum. 

After  that  we  have  a  graphic  list  of  how  abortions  happen, A.K.A.  propaganda.  I'll  just  sum  it  up  like  this:
There's  also  a  link  to  Photoshopped  pictures  of  "aborted"  fetuses.

Now  they  will  try  to  beat  me  at  a  debate.  Are  these  people  idiots  or  what?  I  win  debates  on  abortion  and  gay  marriage  so  much  I  deserve  a  trophy.

Responding with the truth.
People who say that women have a right to an abortion use different arguments. These arguments take five basic forms, as you will see below. Familiarize yourself with these and you will be prepared to speak the truth on behalf of those who are unable to speak for themselves.

Have  you  guys  ever  listened  to  your  own  arguments?  The  speak  for  themselves  stuff  is  bullshit.  What  about  people  who  don't  have  a  voice?  Why  not  fight  for  them?  And  it  takes years  for  actual  born  babies  to  be able  to  speak  their  mind.  Are  you  fighting  for  the  six  month  old  who  can't  speak  their  mind?

Claim: “It’s not a baby or a person — it’s just a blob of tissue.
Response: When a woman is pregnant, science tells us that the new life she carries is a complete and fully new human being from the moment of fertilization. By the time most abortions can be performed, the baby already has a beating heart and identifiable brain waves. The baby living in her mother is as distinct and unique a new person/human being as you are from me, and as deserving of protection under the law as we are. The baby every mother carries has a beating heart at 18 days after fertilization and brain waves as early as six weeks after fertilization. Most abortions are not performed until nine weeks of the pregnancy. Even RU 486 chemical abortions can’t be done until after six weeks.

My  factual  response:  A  complete  and  full  human  being  from  fertilization?
Here's  a  muggle  person  according  to  these  people:
I'm  not  seeing  the  full  human  being  here  that  deserves  as  much  protection  as  you  and  me  here;  should  I  clean   my  glasses?
A  heart  beat  is  a  reflex,  it  does  not  signify  life  in  any  way.  Why  don't  you  worry  about  if  a  fetus  has  working  lungs  so  when  the  fetus  is  born  it  will  be  able  to  breathe?  Oh  yeah,  lungs  are  useless.  You  just  need  a  beating  heart  to  live.  Brain  waves?  You'll  need  those,  too.  But  lungs?  Oh  hell  no.

Claim: “It’s my body” or “It’s a women’s choice.”
Response: Every mother is faced with profound decisions to make for herself and her child, but these decisions can never include the right to kill her baby. Mothers facing difficult pregnancies require accurate and compassionate information about the facts of fetal development, as well as the practical help that is available to them through the more than 3,000 mother-helping centers around the USA. Mothers have a right to be fully informed about the facts at least 24 hours before making this life-or-death decision for themselves and their children.

Like  I  said,  going  through  unplanned  pregnancies  can  be  extremely  mentally  damaging to  a  woman.  Don't  forget  I  also  mentioned  they  don't  care  about  the  health  of  women.  They  don't  care  about  the  woman.  What  do  they  mean  by  "can never  include  the  right  to  kill  her  'baby'"?  Look  at  this  photo:
They  believe  women  have  no  rights  to  their  own  morality  or  when  they  believe  life  begins.  They  believe  women   have  no  right  to  think  for  themselves  and  that  women  can't  make  personal  decisions  for  themselves.  Haven't  I  seen  this  in  a  George  Orwell  novel?
Those  so  called  pregnancy  clinics  meant  to  "help"  women  are  a  load  of  shit.  Those  are  pregnancy  crisis  clinics.  What  do  these  clinics  do?  They  are  known  for  trying  to  convert  women, coercing  them  into  staying  with  their  abusive  husbands,  spreading  lies,  and  stalking  and  harassing  women.

I  would  definitely  recommend  those  places!

Sidebar: Is an unborn child part of a woman’s body?
“My body, my choice.” That’s been the popular slogan of abortion supporters for decades, but is it accurate? Behind the statement is a very calculated attempt to frame the abortion issue as one that concerns only on person: the mother. But what about the baby – is he or she part of the woman’s body? Absolutely not! Think about it – an unborn child’s genetic code is completely unique and different that the mother’s genetic code. The bone structure is different. Even the baby’s gender is different from the mom if the baby is a boy! The baby and the mom are two distinct persons. Sure, the baby depends upon the nurturing environment of his mother’s body while waiting to be born, but that doesn’t mean the baby is a body part like a liver or kidney. Next time you hear someone say “my body, my choice” – remind them they are forgetting someone.

The  fetus,  not  baby,  is  a  parasite.  That  parasite  may  only  use  the  mother's  body  if  the  mother  wants the  fetus  to.  Also,  a  woman  has  the  right to  believe  whether  she  can  or  cannot  abort  the  fetus.  But  you  know,   women  are  airheads  who  can't  choose;  rich,  fat  old  white  men  have  to  do  it  for  them.  You  know  who  these  guys  are  concerning:  the  fetus.
The  Woman  Has:
-Her  Life
-The  Right  To  Think  For  Herself
-Her  Relarionships
-Her  Sexuality

The  Fetus  Has:
-The  Anti-Choice  Movement

I  read  something  along  these  lines  before:
"On  one  side  I  had  my  husband  and  kids,  my  whole  life.  On  the  other  side  I  had  a  fetus.  I  knew  who  mattered  more."
That  was  one  of  the  best  things  I've  ever  heard.

Claim: “What will we do with all the unwanted kids?” (Poor babies, overpopulation, abuse, etc.)
Response: We will never end poverty in our world simply by killing poor children. The poor mother who is encouraged to have an abortion today is just as poor tomorrow. Problems such as lack of job security, education, or abuse are not cured by ignoring their existence in a woman’s life and turning to abortion as a way to make it all “go away.” The problem is lack of development — not population. What women of the world desire are good basic health care for themselves and their families. In those countries where abortion is not legal, it is often because of strong cultural and religious beliefs that respect each new life. That respect needs to be backed up with wiser development plans — not more dangerous and deadly abortion activity. In countries where there is not even the guarantee of clean running water, abortion will only become a death sentence for Third World women and their babies.

 No,  the  poor  mother  is  even  more  poor  because  she  has  to  feed  someone.  Reality  check,  in  places  where  people  so  called  respect  life  there  are  (illegal)  abortions. Why?  Because  if  a  woman  is  going  to  get  an  abortion  she  WILL  get  one!  You  people  can  never  change  that!  Stop forcing  women  to  carry  their  pregnancy  full  term!  Get  your  fucking  fingers  out  of  your  ears!  Another  thing  I  read  on  the  internet  before  (I  also  don't  have  the  exact  quote):
"If  I  accidentally  had  an  unplanned  pregnancy  I'd  get  an  abortion  so  I  could  be  the  best  mother  I  could  be.  I  can't  afford  a  kid  and  it  would  be  unfair  to  the  kid."
Words  to  live  by.

Is this True?
Supporters of abortion claim that abortion helps reduce child abuse since the babies being aborted are “unwanted” by their mothers.
According to a new study published in the medical journal Acta Paediatrica, women with a history of at least one induced abortion are 2.4 times more likely to abuse their children than a women who have not had an abortion. The author, Priscilla Coleman of Bowling Green State University, suggested that “emotional difficulties and unresolved grief responses” could be leading factors leading to unhealthy parental responses. Previous studies have also linked induced abortion to anxiety, depression, sleep disturbances and symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, all of which may also adversely affect parent-child relationships.
For more information on this study and many others, visit the Elliot Institute online at

It's  not  true.  That's  the  so  called  "Post-Abortion  Syndrome"  bullshit.  Why  do  women  feel  this  grief?  Anti-choicers  are  busy  harassing  her  because  she  "killed  a  baby".  Now  let's  worry  about  actual  neglected  and  abused  children.

Claim: “If abortion is made illegal, women will die in back alleys.”
Response: The numbers pro-abortionists often use to back their claims are vast fabrications mostly made up by the pro-abortion lobby as admitted by Dr. Bernard Nathanson, founder of NARAL (National Abortion Rights Action League). The real numbers of deaths before 1973, when abortion was illegal, are shockingly different. Thirty-nine women died of illegal abortions in 1972, the year before Roe v. Wade. Those are thirty-nine tragedies along with their thirty-nine children who also died because of abortion’s violence. The true reason the deaths have decreased from abortion isn’t legalization, it was the widespread introduction of antibiotics into medicine that saved the lives of women who would have otherwise died of botched abortions. In fact, the main forms of abortions have changed very little since the middle of this century! The only thing that legalizing abortion did was to give abortionists the right to hang their shingle on the front door and stop using the back alley!

 "Pro-Abortionists"?  Wow.  Illegal  abortion  has  been  going  on  for  years.  Watch  this:
When  abortion  is  illegal,  abortion  increases.  Try  not  to  contradict  yourself.  Back  in  1910  women  were  getting  abortions,  even  before!  We  didn't  invent  the  deaths  of  millions  of  women.  But  you  guys  did,  just  with  "babies".  Unlike  anti-choicers,  I'm  not  going  back  to  coat  hangers  and  knitting  needles.

Claim: “What about a woman who is carrying a disabled or sick child? Or a woman who has been raped or is the victim of incest?”
Response: We don’t cure illness by killing the patient. Aborting a child with a disability or illness is the height of prejudice. When a family learns that the child they are expecting may have a special need, that family needs support and good solid medical information — not the death of their most fragile member. Society must abandon this attitude that uses arbitrary yardsticks to measure a person’s worth. When a woman has been raped or a victim of incest, she has been the victim of a terrifying act of violence of which she is a true victim. Tragically, we are some times faced with a second victim of this great crime committed by the rapist, a baby. While pregnancy is extremely rare from rape, it can happen. The cruelest thing that can happen to the women in question is to now be pitted against her child, who is the second victim. In several studies done across America, women who were encouraged to use abortion in such circumstances felt that they had been put through a second act of violence, the violence and pain of the mechanical rape of abortion. Worse than that, they stated feelings of being made into the victimizer of their own child. They felt that their baby had paid with his or her life for the crime of the rapist. Meanwhile, mothers who found support to carry their children to term, whether they opted for adoption or kept their babies, felt that they’d turned something horrible into something life-giving. The key here is support for both victims, mother and child.

 Watch  this:
That  man  and  his  wife  knew  their  child  wouldn't  have  a  good  life,  definitely  not  a  long  one.  They  didn't  want  an  abortion,  but  they  did  what  they  believe  was right.  What  the  hell  is  your  problem  anti-choicers?
You  anti-choicers  understand  every  raped  woman  who  got  pregnant  everywhere?  You  know  every  single  one  of  them  don't  want  an  abortion!  Tell  me,  how  do  you  do  that?
Either  they  have  magical  powers  or  they're  liars. Can  you  guess  which  one  they  are?

Sidebar: Prenatal Testing: A Loaded Gun?
Earlier this year, USA Today reported that new prenatal tests are making it easier to identify Down syndrome and other genetic problems in unborn babies. But what exactly do these tests mean for the children? According to the USA Today article, “Though genetic testing doesn’t necessarily mean aborting abnormal fetuses, and estimated 90% of women choose abortion in that circumstance.”
This figure parallels earlier prenatal testing reports dating as far back as 1975. That was the year the OB-GYN News reported that in a survey of 2,187 pregnant women who underwent amniocentesis prenatal testing, 62 tested positive for carrying children with Down syndrome. Sadly, 60 of these babies identified with Down syndrome were aborted and 2 died as a result of miscarriage. Liz Townsend summed it up best in an article in the National Right to Life News when she wrote, “It’s clear that this research will result in more unborn children with Down Syndrome killed in the womb, rather than helping find a cure or assisting those with the syndrome to live more healthy and happy lives.

 Having  Down  Syndrome  is  very  hard.  I  want  a  cure,  but  I  believe  a  mother  has  the  choice  whether  to  carry  the  child.  The  mother  knows  their  kid's  life  will  be  hell.  They  have  the  right  to  care  for  their  child, whether  by  carrying  their  pregnancy  full  term  or  having  an  abortion.  They  may  think  for  themselves.  Remember  the  picture  I  made  you  guys  look  at.

Did You Know…
• A baby’s heart begins to beat around 22 days after conception
• There have been over 50 million abortions since 1973.

 You  said  earlier  it  was  around  18  days!  Why  do  you  contradict  yourself?
You've  already  stated  the  50  million  lie  and  I  don't  believe  it.  Stop  with  the  lies!

Next  comes  Hot  Topics:  Emergency  Contraception.  I'll  try  to  get  it  out  in  a  timely  manner!

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