Thursday, December 29, 2011

Be Nice, Yeah Right!

I  read  this  by  Becca  Fitzpatrick.  How did  I  feel?
"And that is: be nice. Be courteous. Be generous. As Lilith Saintcrow says, Be tactful. Be interested.
 Be humble."  -Becca  Fitzpatrick
 Really,  really,  you  honestly  expect  me  to  be  nice  about  this  piece  of  misogynistic  piece  of  shit?  What  does  that  asshole  named  Patch  due  to  Nora  in  this  book:
-Stalks  her
-Sexually  Harasses  Her
-Forces  His  Way  In  Her  House
-Almost  Rapes  Her  (He  Wants  To)
-Almost  Kills  Her  (He  Wants  To!)
-Forces  Her  To  Make  Out  With  Him
-Claims  He  Knows  She  Sleeps  Naked
-Belittles  Her  Verbally  and  Emotionally
Do  you  expect  me  to  be  nice?  You  do,  Becky?  Well  fuck  you!

"Whether you believe in karma, the Golden Rule, or the old saying, “What goes around comes around,” all have stood the test of time. If you want agents, editors and authors to respect you, take the first step. Extend kind words. Talk up books you love. Be polite and respectful at conferences. Attend author book signings. All of these things will go along way.
So, yes. That's my publishing tip of the day. Be nice."  -Becca  Fitzpatrick

My  karma  can  withstand  giving  you  a  bad  review  you  obviously  deserve  for  mocking  millions  of  women  in  abusive  relationships,  who  were  raped,  who  have  problems  because  some  asshole  stole  her  trust  by  stalking  her,  sexually  harassing  her,  raping  her,  hurting  her  in  any  way.  I  will  never  be  nice.  Go  to  a  fucking  women's  shelter  and  see  if  your  story  should  be  treated  with  kindness  and  respect.  
Why  did  Becky  say  that?  Because  if  you  were  nice  to  books,  authors  and  publishing  agents  and  houses  would  be  nice  to  you.  Bad  books  deserve  bad  reviews.  You  can't  blackmail  me  into  giving  your  awful  piece  of  shit  a  good  review.  I  have  higher  standards  than  that.  I  won't  let  you  blurb  any  of  my  books  in  the  future.

This  goes  for  any  book.  I  won't  be  nice  to  a  bad  book.

I  will  not  be  nice,  Becky.  You  are  a  heartless  bitch  to  millions  of  women  and  I  deserve  to  tell  you  the  truth  about  yourself.

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