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Welcome To The Dark Side Part 4

I'm  back!  Did  you  miss  me?
Yeah,  I'm  sure  you  did.

What  are  we  looking  at  today  on  the  lie  filled  site  Teens  For  Life?  We're  doing  Hot  Topics:  Fetal  Development.  I  am  prepared  for  guilt  trips  from  misogynists.

Life is truly wonderful! In fact, the development of human life in the womb is just amazing. Did you know that everything about you — including how tall you would be, the color of your eyes, and the color of your skin– was all determined at the time of fertilization? Month-by-month you grew in the safety and comfort of your mother’s womb until the big day of your birth finally arrived!

That  is  your  opinion,  fetal  development  is  science,  not  pure  amazingness.  Some  people  don't  view  life  as  this  great,  amazing  thing  (though  many  enjoy  life).  They  believe  life  happens,  so  yeah,  it  happens.  Stop  using  adjectives  you  don't  need  to  guilt  shame  people  with  uterus'.  It  was  also  your  sexuality  that  was  determined  in  the  womb  if  you  go  along  their  lines  of  reason.  But  even  that  has  problems,  back  when  it  was  easier  to  catch  polio  many  people  had  growth  stunts.  Does  that  mean  the  person  was  destined  to  get  polio  in  the  womb?  So  the  girl  who  could  have  been  taller  but  failed  due to  polio  was  destined  to  get polio  from  the  time  she  was  a  zygote?  Isn't  that  like  some  cruel  puppeteer  god  who  decides  whether  they  hate  someone  or  not.
My  mom  didn't  have  TV,  internet,  books,  or  electric  blankets  in  the  womb,  it  was  not  safe  and  comfortable,  but  cold  and  boring.  You're  also  using  adjectives  again,  emotional  blackmail.

Too many people today ignore the facts about human development, claiming that it’s too “political” or “controversial”. More to the point, the unfolding story of life in the womb tends to make these same people uneasy because it places a miraculous – and human – face on the lives of the unborn.

What  a  guilt  trip!  Also,  many  feminists  and  pro-choicers   study  fetal  development  because  it's  something  many  people  learn.  Fetal  development  in  itself  isn't  misogynistic,  but  the  way  these  people  use  it,  it  is.  And  fetal  development  is  far  from  "miraculous".

So just how did you develop in the womb? What were your first nine months like. Join us as we journey into the awesome world of life in the womb month-by-month.

First  up,  grammatical  error,  you  need  a  question  mark  after  "like".  Second,  both  me  and  my  sister  came  a  month  early,  so  we  never  had  nine  months.  Does  that  make  us  not  human  by  your  logic  because  we  were  off  by  a  month?  And  you  make  it  sound  like  a  frigging  TV  show,  a  boring  one  at  that.  I  am  prepared  for  guilt  tripping  stupidity.  Now  let's  hurry  up  and  watch  the  show,  since  I  didn't  record  it!
I  swear,  that  GIF  is  less  creepy  than  this  website.

Month 1: This is the stage of fertilization and implantation. After a woman ovulates, the egg is normally fertilized within 24-48 hours. The single fertilized cell begins to rapidly divide and at this point in time is called a zygote. Many amazing things happen at fertilization. Your physical attributes are determined including gender, hair color, and eye color. Between days 7-10 from fertilization implantation usually occurs. Implantation should occur within the uterus if it does not this is considered an ectopic pregnancy. The amniotic sac, umbilical cord and yolk sac are already beginning to form. By the end of this month a baby is approximately 2mm long and beginning early stages of development.

Gah,  a  zygote  isn't  a  baby!  A  zygote  doesn't  deserve  the  same  rights  as  two  month  old  baby!  A  fetus  isn't  a  baby,  either!  A  baby  is  a  baby;  a  zygote  is  a  zygote;  a  fetus  is  a  fetus!  Also  with  the  physical  stuff,  what  about  the  girl  with  polio?  Was  her  polio  determined  them  even  though  that  is  impossible?  But  than  again,  this  site  has  no  logic.

Month 2: The baby’s heart, neural tube, arms and legs, liver and other major organs begin to form. The baby’s heart will be beating and visible via ultrasound. The placenta also begins to form as well as the eyes, ears, mouth, and bones. In this month, the baby’s fingers and toes will become present, however, they may still be webbed. Her brain and cranial nerves will also begin to form this month. Baby’s sex organs begin to become visible. Babies at this stage are approximately 1/2 inch – 3/4 inch long and weigh about 1-2 grams by the end of this month.

A  fetus  is  not  a  fucking  baby! 

*Scans  The  Rest  Of  The  Site's  Page*
Rather  than  waste  my  time  commenting  the  same  thing  over  and  over,  I  will  sum  it  up  with  logic:
They  say:  A  fetus  is  a  baby!
Logical  Katherine  says:  Fetus  =/=  Baby;  Zygote  =/=  Baby
They  use  guilt  and  YouTube  videos.
I  use  logic  and  GIFS.

And  that's  basically  the  entire  fucking  page.  What  are  we  doing  next?  We're  doing  Hot  Topics:  Peer  Pressure.

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