Thursday, January 19, 2012

I Guess I Should Be Liking Andrew Ridgely Now. . .

But  he's  Andrew  Ridgely!  Who  ever  liked  that  guy  when  there  was  George  Michael?  Who?
Anyway  I'm  a  huge  George  Micheal/Wham!  fan  (since  most,  not  all,  of  today's  music  is  so  bad  I  have  to  listen   to  80's  music  to  hear  something  good)  and  I'm  addicted  to  the  song  "Wake  Me  Up  Before  You  Go  Go".  (Need  proof?  I  hum  it  during  gym  class.)
Yes  people  who  are  just  looking  at  the  video  still  of  the  people  in  really  short  shorts,  the  music  video  is  that  bad.  Today  was  actually  the  first  time  I  even  tried  watching  the  music  video.  I  noticed  this:
Yes  everyone,  I  noticed  Andrew  Ridgeley.
Next,  I  noticed  Andrew  Ridgeley's  t-shirt.
And  I  was  like:
"ZOMG,  Wham!  is  anti-choice?  D:"
But  it  turned  out  that  had  nothing  to  do  with  abortion,  but  suicide  and  drugs!  I  didn't  see  that  coming!
So  whenever  you  hear  an  anti-choicer  say  "Choose  Life",  ask  them  about  80's  music  and  being  anti-drugs  and  anti-suicide.  I  bet  they'll  have  no  fucking  idea  what  you're  talking  about!
Knowing  something  anti-choicers  don't  know  is  amazing.
I  can  just  imagine  it:
Anti-Choicer:  Babiez!  Chooze  life!
Me:  Choose  life?  Awesome!  So  what  did you  think  of  the  music  video?  I  thought  it  was  crap.  "The  Edge  of  Heaven"  music  video  is  way  better.  "Club  Tropicana"  is  pretty  good,  too.
Anti-Choicer:  What?
Me:  Did  you  like  "Freedom"?  Or  "I'm  Your  Man"?
Anti-Choicer:  Well,  uh,  I  don't  know  what  you're  saying.
Me:  But  you  said  "Choose  Life",  right?
Anti-Choicer:  Uh,  yeah. . .
Me:  You  saw  the  "Wake  Me  Up  Before  You  Go  Go"  music  video,  right?
Anti-Choicer:  "Really,  I  have  no  idea  what  you're  talking  about.
And  I  will  face  palm  myself,  hum  this  song,  and  for  one  second  like  Andrew  Ridgeley  (wait,  that  sounds  impossible).

So  here's  what  it  boils  down  to:
-Choosing  life  for  helping  people  with  drug  addictions  and  being  suicidal  is  good,  but  barring  a  person  the  right  to  control  their  bodies  is  bad.
-George  Michael  is better  than  Andrew  Ridgeley.
-"Wake  Me  Up  Before  You  Go  Go"  is  an  awesome  song.

Please  don't  attack  me  in  the  night,  feminist  Andrew  Ridgeley  fans!  D:

So  let's  give  a  warm  welcome  to  our  new  pro-choice/feminist  celebrities  George  Michael  and  Andrew  Ridgely!


  1. Actually, I don't like the "choose life" thing when it comes to suicide either.

    Being locked up in a psych ward and having drugs forced on me because I told the wrong person I wanted to die, and she was determined to "save" me regardless of my feelings in the matter, probably has something to do with it.

    1. Sad to say this happens a lot.

      I did mean this more as a joke, though. But for that to happen to me, oh please no. But since we say "Kill Me" and such so casually these days, there will be concerned people. *Sigh*