Thursday, February 9, 2012

Apparently I'm A Bad Feminist

MRA's  are  hilarious.  I  mean  where  do  these  men  get  their  brains  from?  Why  do you  think  feminists  are  man  hating  sadists  who  love  to  see  them  get  raped,  abused  by  their  partner,  etc.?  I  don't  want  that  to  happen  to  anyone  at  all.  Wait,  I  just  stated  I  don't  want  men  to  be  raped,  abused  by  their  partner,  etc.  Is  Gloria  Steinem  going  to  come  take  away  my  feminist  card  and  kick  me  out  of  the  movement?  Damn,  I  should've  thought  this  shit  over.  But  hey,  losing  my  feminist  card  isn't  so  bad,  since  you  know,  Gloria  Steinem  didn't  take  away  my  brain,  so  I  won't  hang  with  these  loonies.
Here  is what  they  had  to  say  about  The  Men  of  Strength  campaign:
If  this  weren't  for  trolling  and  actually  was  used  to  stop  sexual  violence  against  men,  I'd  be  fine  with  it.  But  like  I  said,  trolling,  therefore  I  won't  even  take  this  seriously.  The  thing  is,  I  love  women  who  don't  rape  men!  They  are  really  great  ladies,  some  you  really  should  meet.  They  know  that  even  though  they  aren't  cis  males  with  penises  that  they  should  make  someone  have  sex  without  consent  with  them.
I'm  against  mothers  (and  fathers)  hurting  their  children.  Why  can't  you  MRA  trolls  take  this  seriously?  Or  was  Dave  Pelzer's  autobiographical  trilogy  too  damn  long  for  you  to  read?  Because  it  made  me  realize  everyone  has  the  chance  to  stop  child  abuse.
Yeah,  I  am  just  sitting  here  laughing  at  the police  station  when  a  woman  is  busy  beating,  harassing,  stalking,  isolating,  verbally  assaulting,  and  exerting  control  over  a  man,  just  fucking  laughing.  You  know  I'm  not  busy  trying  to  raise  awareness  that  all  domestic  violence  is  bad  and  we  need  to  break  free  a  patriarchal  society  that  states  men  can't  be  abused.  This  blog  post  has absolutely  nothing  to  do  with  that.

Seriously  though,  how  is  it  misandrist  to  say  men  can  stop  (not  all)  rape?  If  that's  supposedly man-hating  than  saying  by  your  logic  even  though  I  support  healthier  food  options  for  all  people  I'm  a  fat  shamer.  I'm  glad  to  know  I'm  not  only   a bad  feminist  but  that  I  have  a  problem  with  fat  people,  MRA's.  I  believe  women  shouldn't  rape  men,  therefore  I  supposedly  am  not  feminist.
Really,  that  site  has  some  hilarious  bullshit  on  it.  According  to  that  website,  women  have  defeated  patriarchy.  Yes  people,  supposedly  our  society  is  no  longer  patriarchal.

Also,  did  you  notice  they  didn't  have  one  for  gay  men?  MRA's  are  so  obsessed  with  gay men  that  they  ignore  their  own  possible  supporters  (because  some  gay  men  have  brains  that  work  pretty  damn  well)  as  abusers  and  rapists.  Men  Can  Stop  Rape  also  targeted  gay  men  in  their  ads.  Still,  MRA's  are  classified  under  "ignorant".

Side  Story  That  Is  Very  Sad:
I  heard  about  this  guy  who  had  a  male  friend  who  had  a  girlfriend  who  either  formerly  abused  him  or  still  does  (I  can't  remember).  People  knew  what  was  happening,  but  made  fun  of  him,  except  the  one  guy  who  was  his  friend.  Now  that  guy  gets  mad  when  anyone  tries  to  ignore  men  as  DV  victims.  That  guy  still  doesn't  mock  women  as  DV  victims,  either.  He  believes  both  are  equally  wrong,  and  he's  right.  Yeah,  we're  very  advanced  in  society  when  some  guy  who  is  being  abused  by  their  female  partner  is  being  made  fun  of  by  his  friends,  totally  gender  equal.

And  I'll  Post  This  (It's  Sad):
Yeah,  it's  kind  of  outdated,  though.

So  raise  your  hands  if  apparently  you're  no  longer  a  feminist.


  1. Your ass seems to be hurting. Also ponyfags are mentally ill.

  2. Most feminists don't want to see men get abused, but most women who do are feminists, and that's concerning.

  3. There is no such thing as a good or bad feminist. As feminism is nothing but a female supremacist hate movement, that would make all feminist's "bad people".

    Because feminism in of itself lacks any sense of morality and is filled to the brim with psychopaths and pathological liars.

  4. Wow.
    Feminism is simply the belief that women are people, just like men are people, and that the astounding number of women abused by men (men aren't abused as much, that's statistics, yo) show how much contempt our society holds toward women. I've never heard a feminist say that she hated men, or that she wanted men to be hurt. What would be the point of that? Turning the tables to where men are abused more than women would only change the problem of abuse, not fix it. What the fuck is up with MRAs....

  5. statistics are changing on how often men are abused. Perhaps you should re-read them? Also it is proven that most men do not break the add those men on top of it Christina

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  7. MRA's often do and say crazy things (just as feminists often do), but I fail to see how this is 'trolling'. They are drawing attention to the fact that men who are victims of abuse by women are largely ignored. You have spent most of this post basically making fun of them for wanting to draw attention to it so I don't think you need to worry about having your feminist card taken away.

    They didn't include gay men because as you said, the original campaign already included gay men so they didn't need to.

    The original campaign *is* misandrist because it assumes that perpetrators are always men - the fact that it included a gay couple but not even a lesbian couple (let alone a straight couple where the woman is the potential perpetrator) emphasises that opinion even more.