Saturday, November 5, 2011

House of Night Graphic Novel #1 by P.C. Cast Review

I read 6 pages on the Dark Horse website. That may as well be enough to review this. The only way I survived was by listening to this song during it:
I might have not made it. So what did I think of those six pages?
The art work was so regular graphic novel-ish that it didn't stand out in any way. I love how once again Zoey is so self righteous and she and Aphrodite both can wear a short skirt, but Zoey doesn't look like a slut. Great, the slut shaming continues.
The story was taking place after what appeared to be the first book. So you'll have to read more than the first book (which I didn't, I wouldn't have made it because the song probably wouldn't have been released yet). I was slightly confused. Really the story was boring and as predictable as the first book.
So is this really any good? No. But this is the freaking House of Night, which I hate. So I read six freaking pages.
Oh and when Nyx kissed Zoey I almost burt out laughing. As if the HON wasn't so homophobic (girls kissing girls is so gross, stereotypical gay guy who's probably gay to be more "edgy" and he won't date any other gay guy at school cause they're too "girly" for him, so he's a total hypocrite, and I read on Wikipedia he later gets a boyfriend who the Casts have get killed. Why is that so important? Because as a good feminist blogger pointed out in this video:
It's an extremely common media trope to kill off women and gays in stories; and because of all the dead gay superheroes Perry Moore wrote Hero. Yes I know women and gays can die, too. But the Casts only had two gays in their entire series and she made the main one a depressed dude because his boyfriend had to die. Why couldn't Zoey have died instead? Oh they also began killing off women, too. Great tolerance towards gays and women *sarcasm*! So yes, HON is homophoic. I don't think the Casts have ever met anyone GLBT.) I want to see a picture of the gay guy. I can just imagine him wearing a rainbow scarf or as a drag queen!
Oh and one more thing on the slut shaming: Later in the series Zoey has three boyfriends at once. Ruby Oliver alert! Man, Aphrodite and every other woman is a slut, but not self righteous Zoey.
I'm not reading page seven.
Oh, and I now realize even Perry can't make this better *sobs*.

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